Booking process



Book your flights at a time that suits you by using our online booking system.

Through a Travel Agent:

If you would like to use your travel agent they will be able to book a flight with us using our website
Please contact your travel agent for further details.

Last Minute Bookings

You can make a booking to travel on the day of departure provided you do so at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure.
If you need to book to travel sooner, please contact your travel agent, our Australian Office or you can make your booking on arrival at our airport terminals (Brisbane and Nauru airports only).


When you book with us on the internet, phone or through a travel agent, you will be provided with an e-ticket you must keep this secure and confidential.

It is a requirement that you carry a copy of your e ticket whenever you are travelling on our flights. Some immigration authorities may require proof of return or onward travel and your eticket copy will satisfy this requirement.

Confirm Flight

Please note there is no need to ring and confirm your flight that are operated by Our Airline